September 07, 2006

Koenigsegg laptop

200-mph top end. Mid-engine layout. Curvaceous styling. Branded laptop? The list of supercar criteria seems to be growing in a peculiar direction. Lamborghini has one, Ferrari has two, and now Swedish sportscar manufacturer Koenigsegg has theirs. Unfortunately, unlike the pulse-quickening car that bears the name, the Koenigsegg laptop is nothing special.

Rather than license the name to a major computer company as both Ferrari and Lamborghini have done, Koenigsegg have opted instead to have theirs made for them by a no-name manufacturer and label them exclusively as their own. The spec sheet is nothing special, either. And the styling comes down to an oversized emblem on the lid, which is itself less than inspiring. Still, I suppose, if you’re going to buy the car, might as well have the computer to match.

This trend leaves one to wonder which carmaker will debut their own branded laptop next. A Dell Viper, perhaps? Sony Vaio Porsche? Panasonic sponsors the Toyota F1 team…maybe it’s just a matter of time. Stay tuned.

Source: Sybarites via Autoblog.
For more information, visit the Koenigsegg online store.