September 08, 2006

Ferrari sat-nav by Becker

The latest in the long line of Ferrari-licensed gadgetry – which has included laptop computers, phones, cameras, alarm clocks and much, much more – is the Becker Travel Assist 7929 GPS. This sat-nav unit features a Ferrari-red paintjob, as well as voice guidance, a jumbo 4-inch touchscreen display, an SD card slot (with a 2GB card included) and music-playing capabilities. Retail price in the European market is €613.60.

Like the Porsche Design GPS we covered earlier, the Ferrari Becker unit imbues some sportscar excitement in an attempt to differentiate itself in a crowded sat-nav market. If it appeals to you, it’s done its job. (Also good for finding gas stations, which you’ll need frequently if you’re driving an actual Ferrari.)

Source: Gizmodo and Autoblog
Stay tuned for entries on more Ferrari-licensed products.