August 20, 2006

The Ultimate F1 simulator

Video gaming consoles provide increasingly realistic driving experiences, to the point that F1 drivers have been known to practice for new tracks using their PlayStations. With the impending launch of the PlayStation 3, the battle over the best gaming console is still to be waged for some time to come. Meanwhile, the title for best racing accessory surely goes to this replica Ferrari F2004 Formula 1 race car, just like the one Schumacher drove last year.

The full-size model features fiberglass construction and all the trimmings, including quick-release steering wheel with shift paddles, racing seat with harness, brake and accelerator pedals…all hooked up for use with your PlayStation. It even includes jacks under the wheels to simulate a realistic pit-stop.

The car cost just under £30,000 and is available to rent for parties and corporate events in the UK.

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