August 31, 2006

Pirelli sneakers

Adding tire-tread rubber to consumer products has quickly become a sporty new direction for many exclusive purveyors of bespoke clothing and accessories. Examples include the Chopard Mille Miglia timepieces, whose wrist-strap mimics vintage Dunlop racing tires; high-end mobile phone brand Vertu’s exclusive Racetrack Legends series, on which tire rubber replaces leather trim; and Pirelli’s line of high-end clothing, accessories and watches.

As we’ve previously reported, Pirelli has earned a reputation in Europe for more than just making tires, with the Italian company’s name attached to films, exclusive supermodel calendars and a full fashion line. Pirelli’s sneakers make for high-octane, stylish alternatives to run-of-the-mill Pumas or Nikes. As with the partnership between Adidas and Goodyear, Pirelli shoes feature tire-tread rubber soles. But while the Adidas retain the classic athletic style common to their entire line, Pirelli’s employ high-performance textiles and exotic kangaroo leather for a look and feel more along the lines of Prada Sport, but with a motoring edge. A narrow footprint makes these great driving shoes, as well, allowing for easy heel-and-toe pedal work.

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