August 06, 2006

Maybach Smoker Set and Tourbillon

Something to go with your Maybach, sir?

In case it wasn’t enough to own and drive (or be driven in) a Maybach – the super-luxe upscale brand from Mercedes-Benz – you can now smoke a stogie and tell time with a Maybach, too.

Dunhill, purveyors of bespoke luxury items, presents the Maybach Smoker Set. The set comes complete with a portable leather-trimmed humidor, lighter and a one-handed cigar cutter (ideal when you want to keep one hand on the wheel, or holding your Wall Street Journal).

Meanwhile, rivaling the Parmigiani Fleurier’s Bugatti watch in exclusivity at the very upper end of the automotive watch field is the Maybach Tourbillon by Wilhelm Reiber. The tourbillon, of course, is a “grand complication” watch movement that rotates the entire mechanism within the case (in some cases itself serving as the second hand by completing one revolution each sixty seconds). Only twelve Maybach Tourbillon watches were produced, which (in all likelihood) have probably already been spoken for.

Visit the Maybach website for more information on the Maybach cars and watch.
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