July 23, 2006

Spyker/Koga-Miyata Aeroblade bicycle

Dutch carmaker Spyker produces some of the most unique vehicles on the market (their creative designs, some might say, more appreciated after a visit to Amsterdam). The Spyker C8 exotic sportscar line is exceeded in its uniqueness only by the upcoming D12 Peking-to-Paris “super sport utility vehicle”.

Spyker has now teamed up with Koga-Miyata to produce the Aeroblade, an astonishing creation of aluminum, titanium and carbon composites. The breathtaking cycles feature Spyker’s racing colors, are built-to-order in a limited edition of only fifty, and cost 12,500 euros.

I inherited a Koga Miyata from my uncle when he couldn’t use it any more, and can only assume the Aeroblade will ride just as smooth.

For additional photos and more information, go to Classic Driver or the Koga-Miyata website.